Kohler Electric Shower User Manual

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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Installation & User Guide


Page 2 - Contents

10Plumbing1. Minimum maintained inlet pressure for satisfactory operation: 0.7 bar2. Maximum static inlet pressure: 10 bar3. Minimum static pressure t

Page 3 - Introduction

11Installation RequirementsPlumbing1. The Mira Zest 7.5 kW and 8.5 kW electric showers are designed to operate witha minimum maintained inlet pressure

Page 4 - Important Safety Information

129. Do not install the appliance in a position where it may become frozen. Theshower unit must not be fitted where it may be exposed to freezing cond

Page 5 - CAUTION!

1315. A hose retaining ring is supplied toprevent the handset from droppingbelow the spillover level of the bathor shower, which could lead tocontamin

Page 6

14Electrical1. In a domestic installation, the rating of the electricity supply company fuse andthe consumer unit must be adequate for the additional

Page 7 - Pack Contents Checklist

156. A separate, permanently connected supply must be taken from the consumerunit to the appliance through a double-pole switch, which has a minimum 3

Page 8 - Specifications

16InstallationWARNING! Isolate the electrical and water supplies before installing the shower.1.2. Put the installation template on the wall and mark

Page 9 - Wiring Diagram

178. Determine the direction of theincoming water supply: falling(entering the shower from the top),or rising (entering the shower fromthe bottom).Do

Page 10 - Flow Rate Graph

1812. Secure the shower to the wallloosely through the top two fixingholes, using the supplied screws.13. Mark the position of the bottomfixing hole.1

Page 11 - Installation Requirements

1918. Bring the electrical cables into the case.19. Strip back sufficient of the outer cable insulation to enable routing to terminalblock.20. Fit an

Page 12

2ContentsIntroduction ... 3Important Safety Inf

Page 13 - Spillover Level

2024. Replace the service tunnel.25. Replace the cover. If the cover does not fit easily, rotate the knobs slightly sothat they fit onto the spindles.

Page 14

21CommissioningIf you are unsure how electric showers work, please read through the Operationsection before continuing.1. Make sure that the TOP cont

Page 15

22OperationAdvice to Users1. Electric showers work by taking in cold water and passing it over the heatingelements contained in the tank inside the sh

Page 16 - Installation

23Operation InstructionsNote! Read the Important Safety Information section first.WARNING! The spray plate holes must be kept clear. The spray plate s

Page 17

24To turn the shower off1. Turn the power knob to Stop.Note! A small amount of water may continue toflow from the handset for a few moments.2. Switch

Page 18

25Fault DiagnosisCustomer Fault DiagnosisThe troubleshooting information below gives details on what you can do as a user if youencounter problems wit

Page 19

26MalfunctionCause RemedyNo water or verylow flow rate.No hot water fromshower, with theknobs in anyposition.Other water outlets arebeing used durings

Page 20 - Service Tunnel

27Installer Fault DiagnosisThe troubleshooting information below gives details on solutions to problems with theshower, for installers. Before replac

Page 21 - Commissioning

28MalfunctionCause RemedyNo water or very lowflow rate.The handset sprayplate isblocked.The incoming watersupply stop valves, or theappliance isolatin

Page 22 - Operation

29Malfunction Cause RemedyWater leaks fromthe bottom of thecase near theoutlet, and there isno flow from thehandset.The pressure relief valvein the ta

Page 23 - Operation Instructions

3IntroductionThank you for purchasing a quality Mira Zest Shower. To enjoy the full potential of yournew shower, please take time to read this guide t

Page 24

30Cleaning the Inlet FilterWARNING! Isolate the electrical and water supplies before removing the cover.1. Remove the three screws that hold the cover

Page 25 - Fault Diagnosis

314. Remove the inlet filter.5. Clean the inlet filter with a stiffbrush. If necessary, use a kettledescalent in accordance with themanufacturer&apos

Page 26

32Relief Valve Assembly - ResettingWARNING! Isolate the electrical and water supplies before removing the cover. Mainselectricity connections are exp

Page 27 - Installer Fault Diagnosis

33WARNING! Isolate the electrical and water supplies before removing the cover. Mainselectricity connections are exposed when the cover is removed.1.

Page 28

346. Carefully pull off the blue wire and brown wire from the solenoid, fitted to the flowregulator. Note the position of the wires.5. Carefully pull

Page 29

358. Refit the components in reverse order. Make sure that the electrical wires and ‘O’seals are installed in the correct positions.7. Carefully pull

Page 30 - Maintenance

36Heater Tank - Removal and InstallationWARNING! Isolate the electrical and water supplies before removing the cover. Mainselectricity connections are

Page 31

374. Remove all wiring from the switchassembly.Note!Using long nose pliers, gentlysqueeze the lever lock on the top twospade connection, and pull the

Page 32

387. Lift out the flow regulator assembly,switch assembly and the heater tankfrom the case.8. Carefully separate the flow regulatorassembly from the s

Page 33

392. Make a note of the positions of the wiring on top of the heater tank.3. Remove the screw that holds the green earth wire to the thermal trip.4. E

Page 34 - Solenoid

4Important Safety InformationWARNING!1. Products manufactured by us are safe and risk-free, provided that they areinstalled, used and maintained in go

Page 35

40Spare PartsSpare Parts List406.27 Filter439.75 Inlet Connector Assembly439.76 Clamp Bracket Pack (components identified ‘A’)439.77 Flow Reg Assembly

Page 36

41Spare Parts Diagram439.87439.95439.81439.90439.99439.91439.92A439.79439.77ABBBB406.27439.75CCCC

Page 37


Page 38


Page 39

44P4340 (J96E)© Kohler Mira Limited, November 2003Mira ShowersKohler Mira LtdCromwell Road,Cheltenham GL52 5EP.Mira is a registered trade mark.The co

Page 40 - Spare Parts

5CAUTION!1. Read all of these instructions and retain this guide for later use.2. Pass on this guide in the event of change of ownership of the instal

Page 41 - Spare Parts Diagram

69. When this appliance has reached the end of its serviceable life, it should bedisposed of in a safe manner, in accordance with current local author

Page 42

7Pack Contents Checklist Tick the appropriate boxes to familiarise yourself with the part names and toconfirm that the parts are included. 3 x Wall

Page 43

8SpecificationsDimensions205mm 103mm53mm310mm

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