Kohler Thermostatic Electric Shower User Manual

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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Installation & User Guide

1These instructions are to be left with the userInstallation & User GuideMira Azora Thermostatic Electric Shower

Page 2 - Contents

10 In a domestic installation, the rating of the electricity supplier’s fuse and the consumer unit must be adequate for the additional demand. All M

Page 3 - Introduction

11 Double-poleIsolating SwitchConsumer UnitInstallationWarning! Turn off the electrical and water supplies before proceeding with the installation of

Page 4 - Important Safety Information

12Drill and plug the top two xing holes. Secure the appliance to the wall with the screws provided. Drill the bottom xing hole with the product in p

Page 5 - Caution!

13Feed cable into Case. Fit Earth sleeve (not supplied) and then strip insulation.Do not twist cable cores.L = BROWNE = GREEN/YELLOWN = BLUERet the

Page 6 - Documentation

14Cold Water Supply Pipe (Bottom Entry)Fixing ScrewHoles For CoverRetaining ScrewsElectrical Supply CableTerminal BlockInlet Connector AssemblyHeater

Page 7

15Decide on a suitable position for the slide bar avoiding buried cables and pipes.Drill the two 7.0 mm xing holes for the slidebar at 600 mm centres

Page 8 - Specications

16600 mmEnd Support CapEnd SupportFixing ScrewSlidebar EndClamp Bracket AssemblySoap DishSlidebarHandsetHose Retaining Ring

Page 9

17CommissioningIf you are unsure how an electric shower works, please read through the section “User Instructions” before continuing.Turn control to f

Page 10 - 2. Electrical

18The temperature will rise further.Adjust temperature as required. Flow rate will adjust automatically.The shower will purge from its tank for a few

Page 11 - Installation of Mira Azora

19User InstructionsRead the section “Important Safety Information” rst.Note! At the end of every shower make sure that the shower head points into th

Page 12

2ContentsIntroduction ...3Important Safety Information ..

Page 13 - N = BLUE

20Spray Action The handset spray head has four different spray actions:- Eco, Start, Soothe and Force. The handset operation is described below. 1.

Page 14

21Handset dripping.OFF Any Insufcient Water supply pressure for shut off.Inlet Valve faulty.The minimum static pressure to ensure shut off and preven

Page 15

22Insufcient water supply pressure/ow for operation.Contact local water company. Supply pressure must be a minimum of 0.7 bar.Note: If other applian

Page 16

23Appliance fails to produce hot water when set on Medium/High Heater Setting.ON II/IIIHeater Tank failure.Contact local water company.Replace.Supply

Page 17 - Commissioning

24Make sure that the electrical supply is turned off at the mains and that the water supply is fully turned off.Hold a wrench across the ats of the m

Page 19 - User Instructions

26DCV-H: An outlet double check valve, designed to prevent the backow or backsiphonage of potentially contaminated water, through shower controls wh

Page 20 - Spray Action

27Mira Azora Spare Parts Diagram405.58406.27416.38416.41416.48416.51872.01872.281563.5071563.539AAAAAAAAAA1563.5341563.5191634.0091563.5331563.5371563

Page 21 - Fault Diagnosis

28Mira Energise Shower Fittings Spare Parts List449.03Slidebar Wall Fixing Assembly632.73Hose Seal (x2)126.65Slidebar Ends449.02Slidebar449.04Soap Di

Page 22

29Dimensions100 mm77 mm233 mm367 mm69 mm660 mm600 mm

Page 23 - Maintenance

3IntroductionThank you for purchasing a quality Mira product. To enjoy the full potential of your new product, please take time to read this guide tho

Page 24 - Cover Retaining Screw

30Wiring DiagramThermal CutoutDual DiscTank ConnectionLoadInlet ConnectorPressure/Power Selector SwitchSolenoid ValvePower On L.E.D.START/STOPLENInter

Page 25 - Spare Parts List

31Spare PartsWe maintain an extensive stock of spares, and aim to provide support throughout the product’s expected life.Spares can be purchased from

Page 26 - Mira Azora Spare Parts List

321062243-W2-A (J95L) © Kohler Mira Limited, September 2006Mira Showers Kohler Mira Ltd Cromwell Road, Cheltenham GL52 5EP.Mira is a registered trade

Page 27

4Important Safety InformationWarning!Follow all warnings, cautions and instructions contained in this guide, and on or inside the appliance.1. Produ

Page 28

5Caution!1. Read all of these instructions and retain this guide for later use.2. The electrical installation must comply to “BS 7671 - Requiremen

Page 29 - Dimensions

6Pack Contents ChecklistMira AzoraTick the appropriate boxes to familiarise yourself with the part names and to conrm that the parts are included.3 x

Page 30 - Wiring Diagram

7Mira Energise Electric Shower FittingsTick the appropriate boxes to familiarise yourself with the part names and to con-rm that the parts are includ

Page 31 - Customer Services

8Installation Requirements1. Plumbing Minimum maintained inlet pressure 70 kPa (0.7 bar). 100 kPa (1.0 bar) recommended for satisfactory operation.

Page 32 - Cheltenham GL52 5EP

9 Avoid layouts where the shower hose will be sharply kinked. This may reduce the life of the hose. A Hose Retaining Ring is supplied to prevent th

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