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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - 's

0 WNER 's MANUAL COMMAND 20=25 HP HOREONUL CRANKSHAFT LP Gas Fueled or Dual-Fueled (LP Gas - Gasoline) -- RUN'"

Page 2 - CAUTION

Oil SentryTM Some engines are equipped with an optional Oil Sentry’” oil pressure switch. If the oil pressure decreases below an acceptable level, the

Page 3

8. Test run the engine to check for leaks. Stop the engine, allow a minute for the oil to drain down, and recheck the level on the dipstick. Add more

Page 4 - Recommendations

7. When element replacement is necessary order genuine Kohler parts. I CH20-22 I CH25 I I 47083034 I 2408303-S I Clean Air Intake/Cooling Areas To en

Page 5 - Model Designation

Fuel Filter The filter of the LP fuel system is an integral part within the lock-off/filter assembly. All service relating to the lock-off/filter is

Page 6 - Pre-Start Checklist

4. Reinstall plug using Teflon@ pipe sealant (not Teflon@ tape) on threads and tighten securely. If required, a replacement plug is available as Kohle

Page 7 - Stopping

Storage When the engine is not in use, use the following storage procedure. Federal, state, or local laws governing LPG fuel tank storage may also app

Page 8 - Maintenance Instructions

LIMITED 2 YEAR COMMAND ENGINE WARRANTY We warrant to the original consumer that each new Command engine sold by us will be free from manufacturing def

Page 9 - Maintenance Schedule

(c) For warranty repairs, the engine must be presented to a Kohler Co. service center as soon as a problem exists. Call 1-800-544-2444 or access our w

Page 12 - Battery Charging

Safety Precautions To insure safe operations please read the following statements and understand their meaning. Also refer to your equipment owner&ap

Page 13 - Fuel Filter


Page 14

Safefy Precautions (Conf.) GasoEne is extremely flammable and its vapors can explode if ignited. Store gasoline only in approved containers, in well v

Page 15 - Storage

Air Cleaner Dipstick , ! tric / si :igure I, Typical Command Horizontal Shaft LP Gas Fueled Engine, Oil Recommendations Using the proper type and weig

Page 16

LPG Engines LPG Fuel Recommendations Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) from an appropriate LP fuel tank (supplied separately) is required to operate this


Engine Identification Numbers When ordering parts, or in any communication involving an engine, always give the Model, Specification, and Serial Numbe

Page 18

Starting 1. Place the throttle control in the idle position. Place the choke control into the “on”position. See Figure 5. On dual-fueled engines, pla

Page 19

Battery A 12 volt battery is normally used. Refer to the operating instructions of the equipment this engine powers for specific battery requirements

Page 20 - ISSUED:

Maintenance Schedule These required maintenance procedures should be performed at the frequency stated in the table. They should also be included as p

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