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Summary of Contents



Page 2

1.6Section 1Safety and General InformationDimensions in millimeters. Inch equivalents shown in [ ].411.64[16.206]14.7[.58]130.00[5.118]152.36[5.999]23

Page 3 - Contents

Section 9Inspection and Reconditioning9.8Valve Seat Cutter PilotValve Guidesȱȱȱȱȱȱ¢ȱęǰȱȱȱnot guide the valve

Page 4

Section 9Inspection and Reconditioning99.9Overheated or Deteriorated OilScored Piston and RingsAbrasive Scratched RingsStuck, Broken RingsRing failure

Page 5

Section 9Inspection and Reconditioning9.10Replacement pistons are available in STD bore size, and in 0.25 mm (0.010 in.), and 0.50 mm (0.020 in.) over

Page 6

Section 9Inspection and Reconditioning99.11Figure 9-12. Piston Ring Installation.ȱ ŗǯȱ ȱȱȱǻĴȱǼDZȱȱȱexpander and then

Page 7

Section 9Inspection and Reconditioning9.12Oil Pan AssemblyInspectionInspect the oil seal in the oil pan and remove it if it is worn or damaged. Refer

Page 8

Section 9Inspection and Reconditioning99.13O-Ring32144. Install the O-Ring in the groove of the oil pump housing. Use a small quantity of grease to ho

Page 10 - Section 1

10.110Section 10ReassemblyGeneralNOTE: Make sure the engine is assembled usingȱęȱȱǰȱȱǰȱȱǯȱ

Page 11

10.2Section 10Reassemblyȱ Řǯȱ ¢ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱǯȱ řǯȱ ȱȱȱȱȱȱ

Page 12

10.3Section 10Reassembly10Oil SealSeal depth1.5 - 2.0 mm (0.059 - 0.078 in)CrankcaseSurface12.66 mm(0.498 in.)Crankcase SurfaceGovernorGear ShaftFigu

Page 13

1.7Section 1Safety and General Information1¹Values are in Metric units. Values in parentheses are English equivalents. Lubricate threads with engine o

Page 14

10.4Section 10ReassemblyŚǯȱ Ĵȱȱȱ¢ȱȱȱȱĞȱȱȱȱȱȱȃȄȱȱǯȱȱȱȱȱǯȱȱȱ

Page 15

10.5Section 10Reassembly10No. 1 SideNo. 2 SideInstall Connecting Rods with Pistons and RingsDZȱ ȱ¢ȱȱȱȱȱǯȱȱ

Page 16

10.6Section 10ReassemblyFigure 10-20. Torquing Connecting Rod End Cap Screws.ȱ Ŝǯȱ ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱ

Page 17

10.7Section 10Reassembly10OilSeal3 mm (0.118 in.)ȱ śǯȱ ȱȱȱ¢ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱ¢ǯInstall Oil Pan Seal and Main Bea

Page 18

10.8Section 10ReassemblyO-Ring1081143512791164213Install Oil Pan Assemblyŗǯȱ ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱǰȱ

Page 19 - Section 2

10.9Section 10Reassembly10CrankcaseFilterBreather HoseFlange Nuts (4)GasketCheck Crankshaft End playȱ ŗǯȱ ȱȱȱȱǰȱȱȱȱȱ

Page 20

10.10Section 10Reassembly1342ȱ řǯȱ ȱȱȱ¡ȱĚȱǰȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱŗŖȬřśȱȱ5.7 N·m (51 in. lb.)ǯFigu

Page 21

10.11Section 10Reassembly10DZȱ ¢ȱĞȱȱ¢ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱ¢ǯȱȱ¡ȱĞȱȱ

Page 22

10.12Section 10ReassemblySpacerWashers2245541331No. 1 No. 2Figure 10-43. Installing Valves with Valve Spring Compressor.Install Cylinder He

Page 23 - Troubleshooting

10.13Section 10Reassembly10ȱ Ŝǯȱ ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱ¢ȱȱȱȱȱ¢ǯȱȱȱȱȱȱ¢ȱ

Page 24

1.8Section 1Safety and General InformationCarburetor, Intake Manifold, and Air CleanerȱȱȱȱTorque Using Sequence in

Page 25

10.14Section 10ReassemblyȱȱDZȱ ȱ ǯȱ ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱ ȱǯȱ ȱ ǯȱ ¢¢ȱȱĞȱȱȱȱȱǛ

Page 26

10.15Section 10Reassembly10Figure 10-53. Establishing the "0" Lash Point.Śǯȱ ȱȱȱȱĴȱȱȱȱǰȱȱȱǻ

Page 27 - Section 4

10.16Section 10ReassemblySpringInstall Spark Plugsȱ ŗǯȱ ȱȱ®ȱŗŖȱǻȱǼȱȱǯȱ Řǯȱ ȱȱȱȱ0.76 mm (0.030 in.)ǯ

Page 28

10.17Section 10Reassembly10O-Rings AroundDowel PinsFigure 10-62. Installing Nipple into Cup and Oil Filter Housing.Figure 10-63. Torquing Nipple into

Page 29 - Fuel System and Governor

10.18Section 10Reassembly12Cylinder 1Cylinder 234Řǯȱ ȱȱȱȱȱȱ¢ȱǯȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱ

Page 30 - Test Conclusion

10.19Section 10Reassembly10Figure 10-71. Installing Stator.śǯȱ ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱƸȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱ

Page 31

10.20Section 10ReassemblyFigure 10-76. Clean and Dry Flywheel Hub.Figure 10-77. Installed Flywheel Key.DZȱ ȱȱȱĚ¢ȱ¢ȱȱȱ

Page 32

10.21Section 10Reassembly10śǯȱ ȱȱ0.30 mm (0.012 in.)ȱĚȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱǯȱȱȱŗŖȬŞŖǯȱȱ

Page 33

10.22Section 10ReassemblyInstall Oil Coolerŗǯȱ ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱęȱȱȱȱȱǯȱȱȱȱ

Page 34

10.23Section 10Reassembly10ȱ řǯȱ ȱȱȱȱȱǯȱȱȱŗŖȬŞŞǯFigure 10-88. Connecting Leads to Starting Motor.,QVWDOO9DOOH\%

Page 35

1.9Section 1Safety and General Information1ĞȱȱȱȱǻȱȱǼRunning Clearance - New ...

Page 36

10.24Section 10Reassembly1, 5432MountingScrewsInstall Control Bracket and Air Cleaner Assemblyȱ ŗǯȱ ȱȱȱȱ¢ȱȱȱ

Page 37 - Disassembly/Overhaul

10.25Section 10Reassembly10Fuel PumpOutlet HosePulseHoseInletHoseFigure 10-96. Installing Choke Link and Push-On Nut.Install Throttle and Choke Linkag

Page 38

10.26Section 10ReassemblyOil PanAdjusting Governorȱ ŗǯȱ ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱ¢ȱȱȱȱ

Page 39

10.27Section 10Reassembly10Oil FillTubeLiftBracketLowerMountingScrewCylinder ShroudsMountingScrewsȱ Řǯȱ ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱ¢™

Page 40

10.28Section 10ReassemblyInstall Oil Filter and Add Oil to Crankcaseȱ ŗǯȱ ȱȱȱȱǯȱȱȱŗŖȬŗŖşǯȱȱȱȱȱŘŗǯŚȱȉ

Page 41

10.29Section 10Reassembly10Testing the Engineȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱ

Page 42


Page 44


Page 45 - Lubrication System

1.10Section 1Safety and General InformationGrass Screen Hex Stud Torque ...

Page 46 - Range

1.11Section 1Safety and General Information1ŶȱȱŗŗȱȱǻŖǯŚřřȱǯǼȱȱȱĴȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱǯTop Comp

Page 47

1.12Section 1Safety and General InformationTightening Torque: N·m (in. lb.) + or - 10%Property ClassNoncriticalFastenersInto AluminumSizeM4 1.2 (11) 1

Page 48

1.13Section 1Safety and General Information1English Fastener Torque Recommendations for Standard ApplicationsGrade 2 or 5Fasteners IntoAluminumSize8-3

Page 50

2.1Section 2Tools & Aids2Section 2Tools & AidsToolsDescription Source/Part No.Ğȱ¢ȱȱȱĞȱ¢ǯȱȱȬŞ

Page 52

2.2Section 2Tools & AidsTools (Continued)Description Source/Part No.¢ȱȱĞȱȱȱȱȱ¢ȱĞǯȱŘśȱŝŜŗ

Page 53 - Temperature Battery Required

2.3Section 2Tools & Aids2AidsDescription Source/Part No.ĞȱȱǻȱŜŗřǼ ȱŘśȱřśŝȱŗŚȬȱȱǻȦȱŜŜŗǼ

Page 54 - Fixed Timing System

2.4Section 2Tools & AidsSpecial Tools You Can MakeFlywheel Holding ToolȱĚ¢ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱĚ¢ȱȱȱȱ

Page 55

3.13Section 3TroubleshootingTroubleshooting GuideWhen troubles occur, be sure to check the simple ȱǰȱȱęǰȱ¢ȱȱȱȱȱȱco

Page 56 - Operation

3.2Section 3TroubleshootingEngine Overheatsȱ ŗǯȱ ȱȦȱǰȱȱęǰȱȱȱshrouds clogged.ȱ Řǯȱ ¡ȱȱǯȱ řǯȱ 

Page 57

3.3Section 3Troubleshooting3ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱthe engine is reassembled and placed into operation. ȱȱ

Page 58

3.4Section 3TroubleshootingLeakdown Test Resultsȱȱȱȱ ...ȱȱ

Page 59

4.14Section 4Air Cleaner and Air Intake SystemPaper ElementInnerElementInlet ScreenAir CleanersGeneralThese engines utilize a Heavy-Duty style air cle

Page 60

4.2Section 4Air Cleaner and Air Intake SystemEjectorAreaCylinderShroud4. Do not wash the paper element and inner element or use compressed air, this w

Page 61

5.15Section 5Fuel System and GovernorDescriptionThis section covers the carbureted fuel system used on these engines. The governor system is covered a

Page 62

ContentsSection 1. Safety and General Information ...Section 2. Tools &

Page 63

5.2Section 5Fuel System and GovernorFuel System TestsWhen the engine starts hard, or turns over but will not start, it is possible that the problem is

Page 64 - $PS5HFWL¿HU5HJXODWRUV

5.3Section 5Fuel System and Governor5Self-RelievingChokeFuel Shut-OffSolenoidBowl Drain ScrewSlow JetsBowl VentLow Idle Fuel Adjustments(With Limiters

Page 65

5.4Section 5Fuel System and GovernorTroubleshooting ChecklistWhen the engine starts hard, runs roughly or stalls at low idle speed, check the followin

Page 66

5.5Section 5Fuel System and Governor5Fuel Shut-OffSolenoidHigh Altitude OperationȱȱȱȱȱȱȱŗśŖŖȱȱǻśŖŖŖȱĞǯǼȱȱǰ

Page 67

5.6Section 5Fuel System and GovernorLeanRichAdjust to MidpointLeanRichAdjust to MidpointLeft SideRight SideCarburetor AdjustmentsAdjustmentDZȱ 

Page 68

5.7Section 5Fuel System and Governor5Governed Idle Systemȱȱȱȱ¢ȱȱȱȱȱȱdesired idle speed regardless of ambient

Page 69

5.8Section 5Fuel System and GovernorFigure 5-11. Setting High Speed RPM (Air Cleaner Removed for Clarity).Carburetor ServicingThe following section co

Page 70

5.9Section 5Fuel System and Governor5Figure 5-14. Float and Inlet Needle Details. ȱ Ŝǯȱ ȱȱĚȱȱȱȱȱȱȱseat and carbu

Page 71

5.10Section 5Fuel System and GovernorFigure 5-18. Fuel Bowl Removed From Carburetor.DZȱ ȱ¢ȱȱȱȱȱis not necessary unles

Page 72

5.11Section 5Fuel System and Governor5śǯȱ ȱȱȱȱǻǼȱȱȱand spring from the carburetor. Discard the parts.DZȱ ȱ

Page 74

5.12Section 5Fuel System and GovernorFigure 5-26. Installing Float Assembly.ŗŚǯȱ ȱȱȱ¢ȱȱȱĚȱ¢ȱhangs vertically and re

Page 75

5.13Section 5Fuel System and Governor5śǯȱ ȱȱȱ¡ȱǻ¢ȬǼȱȱȱȱȱȱĞȱȱȱȱȱȱlever from th

Page 76

5.14Section 5Fuel System and GovernorȱŗŘǯȱ ȬȱǻȱȱȬȱǼ 13. Drain Screw 14. Bowl Screw (4)ȱŗśǯȱ ȱȱŗŜǯȱ ȱ 17. Fl

Page 77 - Disassembly

5.15Section 5Fuel System and Governor5GovernorLeverGovernorCross ShaftGovernedIdle SpringLinkageGovernorSpringGovernorGeneralThe governor is designed

Page 78

5.16Section 5Fuel System and GovernorHold Lever in"Full Throttle"PositionHigh Speed (RPM)Adjustment Screw3. Stop when the desired RPM speed

Page 79

6.16Section 6Lubrication SystemSAE10W30APISERVICESJ5W-20, 5W-30RECOMMENDED SAE VISCOSITY GRADES10W-30Kohler 10W-30°F-200203240 6080100°C-30 -20-10 010

Page 80

6.2Section 6Lubrication SystemOil Drain PlugDrain PlugOperating RangeChecking Oil LevelThe importance of checking and maintaining the proper oil lev

Page 81

6.3Section 6Lubrication System6ȱ řǯȱ ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱ21.4 N·m ǻŗśǯŝȱĞǯȱǯǼ.ȱ Śǯȱ ȱȱǰȱȱȱȱȱȱ

Page 82

6.4Section 6Lubrication SystemPressureSwitchService Oil CoolerȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱǯȱŘȱȱ¢ȱ

Page 83

6.5Section 6Lubrication System6Installationȱȱ¢ȜȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱǯȱȱȱŜȬŗŘǯȱȱȱȱ

Page 84

1.11Rotating Parts!Keep hands, feet, hair, and clothing away from all moving parts to prevent injury. Never operate the engine with covers, shrouds, o

Page 86

7.17Section 7Electrical System and ComponentsThis section covers the operation, service, and repair of the electrical system components. Systems and c

Page 87

7.2Section 7Electrical System and ComponentsDZȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱnormal conditions will have light tan or gray colored

Page 88

7.3Section 7Electrical System and Components7DC VoltmeterBatteryBatteryGeneralȱŗŘȬȱĴ¢ȱȱŚŖŖȱȱȱȱǻǼȱȱgenerally recommen

Page 89

7.4Section 7Electrical System and ComponentsMolex Plug(Some Models)ȱȱȱěȱ¢ȱȱȱ¢ȱȱȱǯȱȱ¢ȱ

Page 90

7.5Section 7Electrical System and Components7Kill Switch or ‘‘Off’’ Position of Key SwitchIgnitionModulesSpark PlugMagnetFlywheel(0.28/0.33 mm)0.011/0

Page 91

7.6Section 7Electrical System and Componentsǯȱ ȱȱȱȱǰȱȱȱ¢ȱȱȱȱȱǯȱȱȱ¢ȱǰȱwires, con

Page 92

7.7Section 7Electrical System and Components7Troubleshooting DSAI Ignition Systemsȱȱȱ¢ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱ

Page 93

7.8Section 7Electrical System and Componentsȱ Řǯȱ ȱȱȱǰȱȱȱȱȱśśŖȬŜŖŖȱǰȱȱȱǻǼȱȱǯȱ řǯȱ

Page 94

7.9Section 7Electrical System and Components7Battery Charging SystemGeneralMost engines are equipped with a 15, 20, or 25 ampȱȱ¢

Page 95

1.2Section 1Safety and General Information¡ȱȱȱȱęȱȱsevere burns.ȱȱęȱȱȱȱȱȱengine is hot or running.W

Page 96

7.10Section 7Electrical System and Components15/20/25 Amp Regulated Charging SystemFigure 7-11. Wiring Diagram - 15/20/25 Amp Regulated Battery Chargi

Page 97

7.11Section 7Electrical System and Components7Figure 7-12. Wiring Diagram - 15/20/25 Amp Regulated Battery Charging System with DSAI Ignition and Four

Page 98

7.12Section 7Electrical System and ComponentsFigure 7-13. Wiring Diagram - 15/20/25 Amp Regulated Battery Charging System with DSAI Ignition and Five

Page 99

7.13Section 7Electrical System and Components7StatorȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱĚ¢ǯȱȱȱȱȱȱŞȱȬȱȃ

Page 100 - Inspection and Reconditioning

7.14Section 7Electrical System and Componentsśǯȱ ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȦȱȱȱȱǯȱȱȱȱȱǯȱȱ

Page 101

7.15Section 7Electrical System and Components7Troubleshooting Guide15/20/25 Amp Battery Charging SystemsȱȱȱȱȱȱĴ¢ȱ

Page 102

7.16Section 7Electrical System and ComponentsDC Voltmeter5HFWL¿HU5HJXODWRUFlywheelStatorAmmeterBattery(-)(+)Figure 7-20. Connections for Testing Char

Page 103

7.17Section 7Electrical System and Components7Torx Head Screws7URXEOHVKRRWLQJ*XLGH±6WDUWLQJ'LI¿FXOWLHVDelco-Remy StartersFigure 7-21. Delco-R

Page 104

7.18Section 7Electrical System and ComponentsFigure 7-23. Solenoid Removed from Starter. Figure 7-24. Removing Plunger.ȱ Śǯȱ ȱȱȱȱǻ

Page 105

7.19Section 7Electrical System and Components7DriveEnd CapScrewPlungerSpringLeverPlatePlugSolenoidFrame & FieldBrush HolderNutCommutatorEnd PlateS

Page 106

1.3Section 1Safety and General Information1A. Model No.C V 980 SB. Spec. No.Command EngineVersion CodeS = Electric StartC. Serial No.Year Manufactured

Page 107 - Reassembly

7.20Section 7Electrical System and ComponentsWear Limit Length7.6 mm (0.300 in.)Mica InsulationCommutator O.D.InspectionDrive Pinionȱȱȱ

Page 108

7.21Section 7Electrical System and Components7Brush ReplacementȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱǻŚǼǯȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱ

Page 109

7.22Section 7Electrical System and Componentsřǯȱ ȱȱěȱȱǻǼȱȱȱȱȱȃěȄȱȱȱȱȱȱȦ

Page 110

7.23Section 7Electrical System and Components7Figure 7-43. Installing Thrust Washer.ȱŗŖǯȱ ȱ¢ȱȱȱȱȦȱȱ

Page 111

7.24Section 7Electrical System and ComponentsExtension.ǯȱ ȱȱȱ¢ȱ¢ȱȱȱend housing, and carefully place the tool ǻ

Page 112

7.25Section 7Electrical System and Components7VOM Leads12 volt Test LeadsMomentaryConnection OnlySolenoid Test ProcedureSolenoid Shift Style Starters

Page 113

7.26Section 7Electrical System and ComponentsTest 4. Solenoid Hold-In Coil/Contact Continuity Test.ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱ¡Řȱǰȱ

Page 114

8.18Section 8DisassemblyWARNING: Accidental Starts!Disabling engine. Accidental starting can cause severe injury or death. Before working on the engin

Page 115

8.2Section 8DisassemblyCylinder ShroudShut Off Fuel SupplyDrain Oil from Crankcase and Remove Oil Filterȱ ŗǯȱ ȱȱȱęȱȱȱǯȱ

Page 116

8.3Section 8Disassembly83. Remove the lower mounting screw and pull the ȱęȱȱȱȱȱǯFigure 8-7. Removing Oil Fill Tube.Remove El

Page 117

1.4Section 1Safety and General InformationSAE10W30APISERVICESJ5W-20, 5W-30RECOMMENDED SAE VISCOSITY GRADES10W-30Kohler 10W-30°F-200203240 6080100°C-30

Page 118

8.4Section 8DisassemblyRemove Fuel PumpWARNING: Explosive Fuel!ȱȱ¡¢ȱĚȱȱȱȱȱ¡ȱȱǯȱȱȱ

Page 119

8.5Section 8Disassembly8Figure 8-15. Removing Control Bracket.ȱ Ŝǯȱ ȱȱ¡ȱĚȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱĞǯȱȱ

Page 120

8.6Section 8DisassemblyNOTE: New clamps are recommended any time disassembly is performed, or if clamps have been loosened (expanded) several times.)L

Page 121

8.7Section 8Disassembly8Figure 8-24. Removing Oil Filter Housing.ȱȱȱ¢ȱȱȱȱęȱȱassembly requires individual serv

Page 122

8.8Section 8DisassemblyRemove Grass Screen and Cooling Fanȱ ŗǯȱ ȱȱǰȱĴȱǰȱȱ¡ȱȱȱȱȱǰȱě

Page 123

8.9Section 8Disassembly8Wiring HarnessMoldedClips2. Remove the mounting screws securing the ęȬȱȱȱȱȱassembly. Note th

Page 124

8.10Section 8DisassemblyRemove Valve Covers1. Remove the screw and grommet securing each valve cover. 2. Remove the valve cover and gasket from each c

Page 125

8.11Section 8Disassembly8Figure 8-42. Removing Hydraulic Lifters. Figure 8-43. Match Numbers on Cylinder Barrel and Heads.Disassemble Cylinder Heads1.

Page 126

8.12Section 8DisassemblyFigure 8-47. Valve Stem Seals.NOTE: These engines use valve stem seals on the intake and exhaust valves. Use a new seal whenev

Page 127

8.13Section 8Disassembly8Figure 8-52. Removing Oil Pan.Oil Pump AssemblyThe oil pump is mounted to the inside of the oil pan. If service is required,

Page 128

1.5Section 1Safety and General Information1¹Perform these maintenance procedures more frequently under extremely dusty, dirty conditions.2Have a Kohle

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8.14Section 8Disassembly2. Carefully remove the connecting rod and piston ¢ȱȱȱ¢ȱǯȱȱȱŞȬśŜǯFigure 8-56. Removing Pisto

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8.15Section 8Disassembly8Remove Lifter Feed Chamber Cover and Gasketsȱ ŗǯȱ ȱȱȱȱȱȱĞȱȱchamber cover, and gaskets.

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99.1Section 9Inspection and ReconditioningThis section covers the operation, inspection, and repair/reconditioning of major internal engine components

Page 133

Section 9Inspection and Reconditioning9.245°High Point from Fillet IntersectionsThis Fillet AreaMust Be Completely SmoothMinimumThe Fillet Must Blend

Page 134

Section 9Inspection and Reconditioning99.311 mm (0.433 in.)Measure 11 mm above the Bottom of Piston Skirt at Right Angles to Piston Pinaccomplished at

Page 135

Section 9Inspection and Reconditioning9.4Feeler Gauge2. Use an inside micrometer, telescoping gauge, or bore gauge and measure the cylinder bore. Take

Page 136

Section 9Inspection and Reconditioning99.5EXHAUST VALVEINTAKE VALVEABCDDFEGHFEGHINTEXHFigure 9-6. Valve Details.ȱȱȱȱȱȱ

Page 137

Section 9Inspection and Reconditioning9.6Normal:ȱȱĞȱȱȱȱȱȱȱcan be reconditioned and reused if the face and margin are

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Section 9Inspection and Reconditioning99.7Excessive Combustion Temperatures: The white deposits seen here indicate very high combustion temperatures,

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