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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Installation

Commercial Mobile Generator SetsModel:10ERG13ERG15ERGTP-6335 9/04Installation

Page 2

VI Safety Precautions and InstructionsTP-6335 9/04Notes

Page 3 - Table of Contents

1IntroductionTP-6335 9/04Section 1 IntroductionAll information in this publication represents dataavailable at the time of print. Kohler Co. reserves

Page 4

2Introduction TP-6335 9/04Notes

Page 5 - Accidental Starting

TP-6335 9/04 Location and Mounting 3Section 2 Location and Mounting2.1 General ConsiderationsConsider the following items concerning the generatorset

Page 6 - Exhaust System

4 Location and Mounting TP-6335 9/04Notes

Page 7 - Electrical Shock

TP-6335 9/04 Cooling System 5Section 3 Cooling System3.1 Air RequirementsAir flow around the generator set is necessary foradequate cooling. See the c

Page 8 - Moving Parts

6 Cooling System TP-6335 9/04Notes

Page 9

7TP-6335 9/04 Exhaust System 7Section 4 Exhaust SystemCarbon monoxide.Can cause severe nausea, fainting,or death.The exhaust system must beleakproof a

Page 10 - TP-6335 9/04

TP-6335 9/048 Exhaust System4.1 PlanningCarefully plan the generator exhaust system to ensure asafe, quiet installation. Verify that the installationc

Page 11 - Section 1 Introduction

TP-6335 9/04 Fuel System 9Section 5 Fuel SystemExplosive fuel vapors.Can cause severe injury or death.Use extreme care when handling,storing, and usin

Page 13 - 2.3 Vehicle-Floor Mounting

TP-6335 9/0410 Fuel System5.1.1 Fuel LinesNote: Keep fuel lines away from the exhaust system.Routing fuel lines. Take care when routing the fuel linef

Page 14

TP-6335 9/04 Fuel System 115.4 Fuel Pump Lift and FuelConsumptionSee Figure 5-3 for the fuel pump lift capability. Consultthe current generator set sp

Page 15 - Section 3 Cooling System

TP-6335 9/0412 Fuel SystemNotes

Page 16 - 6 Cooling System TP-6335 9/04

TP-6335 9/04 Electrical System 13Section 6 Electrical SystemHazardous voltage.Can cause severe injury or death.Operate the generator set only whenall

Page 17 - Section 4 Exhaust System

14 Electrical System TP-6335 9/04Note: Transfer switch. Use a triple-pole, double-throwtransfer switch rated for the calculated load of thevehicle to

Page 18 - 4.3 Exhaust Piping, If Used

TP-6335 9/04 Electrical System 156.3 Circuit ProtectionThe AC circuit breaker protects the generator set fromextreme overload. The AC circuit breaker

Page 19 - Section 5 Fuel System

16 Electrical System TP-6335 9/046.3.2 Circuit Breaker InstallationNote: Wire material. Use stranded copper for allwiring. Use wire gauges and insulat

Page 20 - 5.3 LP Gas

TP-6335 9/04 Electrical System 176.4 ADC 2100 Continuous PowerMode JumperA jumper on connector P7 on the back of the controllercauses the controller t

Page 21 - Consumption

18 Electrical System TP-6335 9/046.5 Battery and ConnectionsSulfuric acid in batteries.Can cause severe injury or death.Use protective goggles and clo

Page 22 - TP-6335 9/0412 Fuel System

TP-6335 9/04 Electrical System 19-- +BatteryPositiveVehicleFrame12-VoltBatteryUsing the Same Batteryas the Vehicle EngineNBattery Negativeto Vehicle F

Page 23 - Section 6 Electrical System

Table of ContentsSafety Precautions and Instructions I...Section 1 Introduction 1...

Page 24 - 240 Volt

20 Electrical System TP-6335 9/04Notes

Page 25 - 6.3 Circuit Protection

Installation Drawing 21TP-6335 9/04Section 7 Installation DrawingADV-6816A-AFigure 7-1 Dimension Drawing, Gasoline Fuel System

Page 26 - Generator-End View

TP-6335 9/0422 Installation DrawingADV-6816B-AFigure 7-2 Dimension Drawing, LP Fuel System

Page 27 - Mode Jumper

Installation Drawing 23TP-6335 9/04ADV-6816C-AFigure 7-3 Dimension Drawing, Floor Template

Page 28 - 6.5 Battery and Connections

TP-6335 9/0424 Installation DrawingNotes

Page 29 - 6.6 Remote Connection

TP-6335 9/04 Reconnection/Adjustments 25Section 8 Reconnection/AdjustmentsAccidental starting.Can cause severe injury or death.Disconnect the battery

Page 30

26 Reconnection/Adjustments TP-6335 9/048.1 Four-Lead ReconnectionThe following drawings illustrate the reconnection offour-lead generator sets. In al

Page 31 - ADV-6816A-A

TP-6335 9/04 Reconnection/Adjustments 27200--240-Volt ConfigurationsThe 200--240-volt configuration does not use a jumperlead. If the unit was origina

Page 32

28 Reconnection/Adjustments TP-6335 9/048.2 Advanced Digital Control(ADC 2100)The model 10/13/15ERG generator sets use theADC 2100. The ADC 2100 uses

Page 33 - ADV-6816C-A

TP-6335 9/04 Reconnection/Adjustments 298.2.3 Adjusting the Voltage, Gain, andVolts/HzAfter setting the system voltage, check the outputvoltage and ad

Page 34


Page 35

30 Reconnection/Adjustments TP-6335 9/04TP6196Move the generator set master switch to the RUN position. The generator setengine starts and the control

Page 36 - 8.1 Four-Lead Reconnection

TP-6335 9/04 Reconnection/Adjustments 31Display:*Continued from Figure 8-6:* x in the examples above denotes any number from 0 to 9. The actual values

Page 37

32 Reconnection/Adjustments TP-6335 9/048.2.5 Controller ConfigurationThe controller configuration for each generator model isset at the factory and s

Page 38 - (ADC 2100)

TP-6335 9/04 Reconnection/Adjustments 33Parameter Setting DefinitionUnit’s system voltageand frequencyUu01 Single phase, 60 Hz, 120/240 VACUnit config

Page 39 - 8.2.4 Voltage Adjustment

34 Reconnection/Adjustments TP-6335 9/04Wait about 5 seconds until the display shows theprogram version number. (The number may bedifferent than the o

Page 40 - Continued on Figure 8-7

TP-6335 9/04 Reconnection/Adjustments 35orTo set the engine data input type.To enter battery voltage selection mode.orTo toggle between 12 and 24 VDC.

Page 41 - Continued from Figure 8-6:

36 Reconnection/Adjustments TP-6335 9/04Notes

Page 42

TP-6335 9/04 Appendix A-1Appendix A Generator Selection and Wattage RequirementsGeneral Wattage RequirementsConsider the total wattage requirements (l

Page 43

TP-6335 9/04A-2 AppendixAppendix B AbbreviationsThe following list contains abbreviations that may appear in this publication.A, amp ampereABDC after

Page 44

TP-6335 9/04 Appendix A-3kg kilogramkg/cm2kilograms per squarecentimeterkgm kilogram-meterkg/m3kilograms per cubic meterkHz kilohertzkJ kilojoulekm ki

Page 45

Safety Precautions and Instructions ITP-6335 9/04Safety Precautions and InstructionsIMPORTANT SAFETYINSTRUCTIONS. Electromechanicalequipment, includin

Page 48 - Appendix B Abbreviations

E 2004 by Kohler Co. All rights reserved.TP-6335 9/04KOHLER CO. Kohler, Wisconsin 53044Phone 920-565-3381, Fax 920-459-1646For the nearest sales/servi

Page 49

II Safety Precautions and InstructionsTP-6335 9/04Battery short circuits. Explosioncan cause severe injury or death.Short circuits can cause bodily in

Page 50

Safety Precautions and Instructions IIITP-6335 9/04Fuel SystemExplosive fuel vapors.Can cause severe injury or death.Use extreme care when handling,st

Page 51

IV Safety Precautions and InstructionsTP-6335 9/04Welding the generator set. Cancause severe electrical equipmentdamage. Before welding the generators

Page 52

Safety Precautions and Instructions VTP-6335 9/04Airborne particles.Can cause severe injury orblindness.Wear protective goggles and clothingwhen using

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