Kohler Generator Sets 20--2800 kW User Manual

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Generator Sets
20--2800 kW
TP-5700 7/93d
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Installation

Industrial/Commercial/ResidentialGenerator SetsModels:20--2800 kWTP-5700 7/93dInstallation

Page 2 - California Proposition 6 5

TP-5700 7/93VI Safety Precautions and InstructionsNoticeNOTICEThis generator set has beenrewired from its nameplate voltageto246242NOTICEVoltage recon

Page 3 - Table of Contents

TP-5700 7/93 iIntroductionIntroductionThis manual provides installation instructions for20--2800 kW generator sets. Operation manuals andwiring diagra

Page 5 - Accidental Starting

TP-5700 7/93 1Section 1 GeneralSection 1 GeneralIndustrial power systems give years of dependableservice if installed using the guidelines provided in

Page 6 - Fuel System

TP-5700 7/932 Section 1 GeneralTP-5700-11. Exhaust thimble (for wall or ceiling)2. Silencer3. Supports4. Flexible sections5. Duct work for cooling air

Page 7 - Electrical Shock

TP-5700 7/93 3Section 2 Load and TransportSection 2 Load and TransportTo ensure personal safety while preventing damage tothe product, we strongly rec

Page 8

TP-5700 7/934 Section 2 Load and TransportD A four-point lifting method is necessary to lift thegenerator set. To maintain generator balance duringlif

Page 9 - Moving Parts

TP-5700 7/93 5Section 2 Load and TransportD Do not attach lifting hooks to outside reinforcingplate on skid. Attach lifting hooks to skid exactly assh

Page 10

TP-5700 7/936 Section 2 Load and TransportNotes

Page 11 - Service Assistance

TP-5700 7/93 7Section 3 LocationSection 3 Location3.1 Location FactorsLocation is the key to a proper installation. The followingsections will deal wi

Page 12

Engine exhaust from this product contains chemicalsknown to the State of California to cause cancer, birthdefects, or other reproductive harm.WARNINGC

Page 13 - Section 1 General

TP-5700 7/938 Section 3 Location3.3 MountingTypical mounting surface details and dimensions areshown in Figure 3-1. The recommended mountingsurface is

Page 14 - TP-5700-1

TP-5700 7/93 9Section 3 LocationThe composition of the mounting pad should followstandard practice for the required loading. Commonspecifications call

Page 15 - Section 2 Load and Transport

TP-5700 7/9310 Section 3 LocationNotes

Page 16 - 1. Lifting fixture

TP-5700 7/93 11Section 4 Air RequirementsSection 4 Air Requirements4.1 GeneralAn ample flow of clean, cool air is required to supportcombustion and di

Page 17 - 2.1.3 Subbase Fuel Tank

TP-5700 7/9312 Section 4 Air RequirementsIn many installations it may be desirable to installlouvers in the inlet and outlet openings. Louvers may bee

Page 18

TP-5700 7/93 13Section 4 Air Requirements4.3 Forced AirWith the forced-air system, cooling air is drawn inthrough the front of the engine, circulated

Page 19 - Section 3 Location

TP-5700 7/9314 Section 4 Air Requirements4.4 Air-Vac Cooling SystemThe air flow direction with the Air-Vac system is theopposite of the conventional

Page 20 - 3.3 Mounting

TP-5700 7/93 15Section 4 Air Requirements4.5 Air VentThe air vent system is used on some air-cooled gas andhas been used on some diesel models. It inc

Page 21 - 3.4 Vibration Isolation

TP-5700 7/9316 Section 4 Air Requirements4.6 Liquid-Cooled ModelsThe three most common liquid cooling systems used forgenerator sets are unit-mounted

Page 22

TP-5700 7/93 17Section 4 Air RequirementsThe connection from the radiator duct flange to theductwork should be heavy canvas, silicone or similarflexib

Page 23 - Section 4 Air Requirements

Table of ContentsTP-5700 7/93 Table of ContentsProduct Identification Information Inside front cover...Safety

Page 24 - 4.2 Air-Cooled Generators

TP-5700 7/9318 Section 4 Air RequirementsThe engine water pump can be used to circulate waterthrough the remote radiator providing that the verticaldi

Page 25 - 4.3 Forced Air

TP-5700 7/93 19Section 4 Air Requirements71234651. Ventilation fan (for heat rejected from exhaust and engine)2. City water in3. Flexible section4. Ma

Page 26 - 4.4 Air-Vac Cooling System

TP-5700 7/9320 Section 4 Air Requirements4.11 Block HeatersBlock heaters are recommended on all standbyapplications where the generator is subject tot

Page 27 - 4.5 Air Vent

TP-5700 7/93 21Section 5 Exhaust SystemSection 5 Exhaust SystemProper installation of the exhaust system is essential toobtain satisfactory performanc

Page 28 - 4.6 Liquid-Cooled Models

TP-5700 7/9322 Section 5 Exhaust System5.1 Flexible SectionA section of flexible exhaust line should be installedwithin 2 feet (51 mm) of the engine e

Page 29 - 4.8 Remote Radiator Cooling

TP-5700 7/93 23Section 5 Exhaust System5.4 Double-Sleeve ThimblesIf the exhaust pipe should need to pass through a wall orroof, an exhaust thimble mus

Page 30 - 4.10 Cooling Tower

TP-5700 7/9324 Section 5 Exhaust SystemNotes

Page 31

TP-5700 7/93 25Section 6 Fuel SystemsSection 6 Fuel SystemsWhen planning an installation, check state and localregulations regarding fuel storage and

Page 32 - 4.12 Recommended Coolant

TP-5700 7/9326 Section 6 Fuel Systems1234TP-5700-61. Generator set skid2. Side view3. Subbase fuel tank4. End viewFigure 6-2 Subbase Fuel Tank6.2 Main

Page 33 - Section 5 Exhaust System

TP-5700 7/93 27Section 6 Fuel SystemsFlexible connections must be used wherever there maybe relative motion between piping and suppliedequipment. Alwa

Page 34 - 5.3 Piping

Table of Contents, continuedTP-5700 7/93Table of ContentsSection 7 Electrical Requirements 35...

Page 35 - 5.4 Double-Sleeve Thimbles

TP-5700 7/9328 Section 6 Fuel Systems6.5 Auxiliary Fuel PumpsEngine-driven fuel transfer pumps usually develop amaximum of 7 psi (48 kPa) pressure and

Page 36

TP-5700 7/93 29Section 6 Fuel Systems6.6 Gasoline Fuel SystemsDue to code restrictions which do not allow storage ofmore than one gallon (3.8 L) of ga

Page 37 - Section 6 Fuel Systems

TP-5700 7/9330 Section 6 Fuel Systems6.7 Natural or LP Gas FuelSystemsNatural and LP (liquified petroleum) gas fuel systemsshould be designed and inst

Page 38 - 6.3 Fuel Lines

TP-5700 7/93 31Section 6 Fuel Systems1 2 35TP-5700-649108761. Carburetor2. Load adjustment valve3. Converter (vaporizer)4. Solenoid valve5. LP gas fil

Page 39 - 6.4 Transfer Tanks

TP-5700 7/9332 Section 6 Fuel Systems6.8 Flexible ConnectorAn approved flexible connector should always be usedbetween stationary gas piping and the e

Page 40 - 6.5 Auxiliary Fuel Pumps

TP-5700 7/93 33Section 6 Fuel Systems6.11 LP Gas Fuel CharacteristicsLP gas is supplied as a liquid in pressure tanks. It iseasily adaptable to statio

Page 41 - 6.6 Gasoline Fuel Systems

TP-5700 7/9334 Section 6 Fuel Systems6.15 Natural GasNatural gas is in a vapor state as supplied from the utility.This fuel system, therefore, consist

Page 42 - 6.7 Natural or LP Gas Fuel

TP-5700 7/93 35Section 7 Electrical RequirementsSection 7 Electrical RequirementsBefore installing the generator set, provide for electricalconnection

Page 43 - TP-5700-6

TP-5700 7/9336 Section 7 Electrical Requirements7.2 Electrical ConnectionsSeveral electrical connections must be made betweenthe generator set and oth

Page 44 - 6.10 Fuel Regulators

TP-5700 7/93 37Section 7 Electrical Requirements7.4 Terminal Connector TorqueUse the torque values shown in Figure 7-4 or Figure 7-5for terminal conne

Page 45 - (Natural and LP Gas)

TP-5700 7/93 ISafety Precautions and InstructionsSafety Precautions and InstructionsIMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS.Electromechanical equipment,includin

Page 46 - 6.16 Combination Gas-Gasoline

TP-5700 7/9338 Section 7 Electrical Requirements7.5 Automatic Transfer SwitchesA typical standby system has at least one automatictransfer switch conn

Page 47 - 7.1 Batteries

TP-5700 7/93 39Section 7 Electrical Requirements7.9 Remote Emergency StopSwitchThe emergency stop switch allows immediate shutdownof the generator fro

Page 48 - 7.3 Load Lead Connections


Page 49 - 7.4 Terminal Connector Torque

TP-5700 7/93 Appendix A-1Appendix A AbbreviationsThe following list contains abbreviations that may appear in this publication.A, amp ampereABDC after

Page 50 - Front View Side View

TP-5700 7/93A-2 Appendixkg kilogramkg/cm2kilograms per squarecentimeterkgm kilogram-meterkg/m3kilograms per cubic meterkHz kilohertzkJ kilojoulekm kil


E 1993, 2001, 2003 by Kohler Co. All rights reserved.TP-5700 7/93dKOHLER CO. Kohler, Wisconsin 53044Phone 920-565-3381, Web site www.kohlergenerators.

Page 53 - Appendix A Abbreviations

TP-5700 7/93II Safety Precautions and InstructionsBattery short circuits. Explosioncan cause severe injury or death.Short circuits can cause bodily in

Page 54

TP-5700 7/93 IIISafety Precautions and InstructionsThe fuel system. Explosive fuelvapors can cause severe injury ordeath. Vaporized fuels are highlyex

Page 55

TP-5700 7/93IV Safety Precautions and InstructionsHazardous voltage.Backfeed to the utility system cancause property damage, severeinjury, or death.If

Page 56 - TP-5700 7/93d

TP-5700 7/93 VSafety Precautions and InstructionsServicing the transfer switchcontrols and accessories within theenclosure. Hazardous voltage cancause

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