Kohler Power Systems 14/20RESA User Manual

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Residential/Commercial Generator Sets
TP-6804 12/11
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Summary of Contents

Page 1 - Operation

Residential/Commercial Generator SetsModels:14/20RESA14/20RESALControllers:RDC2DC2TP-6804 12/11Operation

Page 2 - Engine Identification

TP-6804 12/1110 Safety Precautions and InstructionsWelding on the generator set. Cancause severe electrical equipmentdamage. Before welding on thegene

Page 3 - Table of Contents

TP-6804 12/11 11IntroductionIntroductionThis manual provides operation and maintenanceinstructions for residential/commercial model14/20RESA and RESAL

Page 4 - Table of Contents, continued

TP-6804 12/1112 IntroductionNameplateThe following illustration shows a typical generator setnameplate. Copy the model, serial, and specificationnumbe

Page 5

TP-6804 12/11 13Service AssistanceService AssistanceFor professional advice on generator set powerrequirements and conscientious service, please conta

Page 6 - TP-6804 12/116

TP-6804 12/1114 Service AssistanceNotes

Page 7 - Accidental Starting

TP-6804 12/11 15Section 1 Descriptions and Service ViewsSection 1 Descriptions and S ervice Views1.1 IntroductionThe generator set specification sheet

Page 8 - Exhaust System

TP-6804 12/1116 Section 1 Descriptions and Service ViewsThe controller’s 2-line LCD screen displays statusmessages and system settings that are clear

Page 9 - Moving Parts

TP-6804 12/11 17Section 1 Descriptions and Service ViewsDC2 Controller FeaturesD Four-button keypad: OFF, AUTO, RUN, andEXERCISE pushbuttonsD LED indi

Page 10 - Hot Parts

TP-6804 12/1118 Section 1 Descriptions and Service Views1.7 AccessoriesThe following optional accessories are offered for theRESA and RESAL generator

Page 11 - Introduction

TP-6804 12/11 19Section 1 Descriptions and Service Views1.8 Service Views1819212213101116, 1720ADV-84241312231. Hinged inner cover2. Hinged roof3. Air

Page 12 - Emission Information

Engine exhaust from this product contains chemicalsknown to the State of California to cause cancer, birthdefects, or other reproductive harm.WARNINGC

Page 13 - Service Assistance

TP-6804 12/1120 Section 1 Descriptions and Service ViewsNotes

Page 14

TP-6804 12/11 21Section 2 Generator Set OperationSection 2 Generator S et Operation2.1 Prestart ChecklistTo ensure continued satisfactory operation, p

Page 15

TP-6804 12/1122 Section 2 Generator Set Operationtemperature level, or if the temperature rises above thehigh limit during the cooldown cycle.If a tra

Page 16 - RDC2 Controller Features

TP-6804 12/11 23Section 2 Generator Set Operation2.4 ExerciseThe RDC2 and DC2 controllers can be set toautomatically run the generator set at the same

Page 17 - DC2 Controller Features

TP-6804 12/1124 Section 2 Generator Set OperationRDC2/DC2 controller to check the output power forcorrect voltage, frequency, and stability. When thee

Page 18 - 1.7 Accessories

TP-6804 12/11 25Section 2 Generator Set Operation2.5.4 Resetting the Controller after aFault ShutdownAlways identify and correct the cause of a faults

Page 19 - 1.8 Service Views

TP-6804 12/1126 Section 2 Generator Set OperationFault MessageWarning (W) orShutdown (SD)Condition CheckAC Sens Lost W(1sec.)SD (3 sec.) *AC sensing l

Page 20

TP-6804 12/11 27Section 2 Generator Set OperationFaultWarning (W) orShutdown (SD)Condition CheckGeneratorFrequency HighSD * Governed frequency exceeds

Page 21 - 2.3 Generator Set Operation

TP-6804 12/1128 Section 2 Generator Set OperationNotes

Page 22 - RDT or RSB Transfer Switches

TP-6804 12/11 29Section 3 RDC2 Controller OperationSection 3 RDC2 Controller Operation3.1 RDC2 Generator Set/ TransferSwitch ControllerModel RESA gene

Page 23 - 2.4 Exercise

Table of ContentsTP-6804 12/11 Table of ContentsProduct Identification Information 2...Safety

Page 24 - 2.5 Faults

TP-6804 12/1130 Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operation3.2.1 Controller KeypadThe RUN, OFF, and AUTO buttons control the generatorset as described in Figu

Page 25 - Fault Shutdown

TP-6804 12/11 31Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operation3.2.3 LCD DisplayThe controller is equipped with a two-line x 16 characterbacklit digital display w

Page 26

TP-6804 12/1132 Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operation3.3 Controller PowerThe RDC2 controller is powered by the generator setengine starting battery and

Page 27

TP-6804 12/11 33Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operation1. Press the Select button to enter the main menu.2. Press the down arrow button until the desiredm

Page 28

TP-6804 12/1134 Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operation3.6 Setting the ExerciserSet the exerciser to automatically run the generator setfor 20 minutes eve

Page 29 - 3.2 Controls and Indicators

TP-6804 12/11 35Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operationtp6804System Freq:XX.X HzGenset ---->SystemSystem VoltBattery V:HOLD:Next ExerciseHR:MN PM MM/DD

Page 30 - 3.2.2 LED Indicators

TP-6804 12/1136 Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operation3.7 RDC2 Controller MenusController menus display power system information,including status informa

Page 31 - 3.2.3 LCD Display

TP-6804 12/11 37Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operation3.9 Overview MenuOverview ---->1.2 hActive Alert(if any)tp6804Genset StatusStandbyVoltage: 240VF

Page 32 - 3.5 Changing Settings

TP-6804 12/1138 Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operation3.11 Generator Metering MenuThe generator metering menu displays the generatorvoltage and frequency

Page 33

TP-6804 12/11 39Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operation3.12 Generator Set InformationMenuThe generator set model number and serial numbersare displayed. N

Page 34 - 3.6 Setting the Exerciser

Table of Contents, continuedTP-6804 12/11Table of Contents3.7 RDC2 Controller Menus 36...3.8 Main Menu 36

Page 35

TP-6804 12/1140 Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operation3.14 Genset System MenuThe genset system menu displays the systeminformation shown in Figure 3-15.

Page 36 - 3.8 Main Menu

TP-6804 12/11 41Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operation3.15 ATS Status MenuATS menus appear if a Model RXT transfer switch isconnected to the generator se

Page 37 - 3.10 Engine Metering Menu

TP-6804 12/1142 Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operation3.16 ATS Configuration MenuNote: The ATS Configuration menu appears only if aModel RXT transfer swi

Page 38 - 3.11 Generator Metering Menu

TP-6804 12/11 43Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operation3.17 Date and Time MenuThe date and time will typically be set at controllerpower--up. To change th

Page 39 - 3.13 Genset Run Time Menu

TP-6804 12/1144 Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operation3.18.1 Networking Status SubmenuThe Networking Status submenu contains settings forOnCuet. See the

Page 40 - 3.14 Genset System Menu

TP-6804 12/11 45Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operation3.18.2 Networking ConfigurationSubmenu (OnCue Password)The networking Configuration menu includes s

Page 41 - 3.15 ATS Status Menu

TP-6804 12/1146 Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operation3.18.3 RBUS InformationThe RBUS Information menu contains settings forremote modules that communica

Page 42 - 3.16 ATS Configuration Menu

TP-6804 12/11 47Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operation3.18.4 Remote Devices SubmenuCheck the status of remote devices communicatingthrough RBUS. Device t

Page 43 - 3.17 Date and Time Menu

TP-6804 12/1148 Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operation3.19 Programmable InterfaceModule (PIM) Status MenuThe PIM status menu displays the status of input

Page 44

TP-6804 12/11 49Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operation3.20 Load Control Module (LCM)MenusThe Load Control menu displays the status of the LoadControl Mod

Page 45 - Submenu (OnCue Password)

Table of Contents, continuedTP-6804 12/11 Table of Contents5.8 Storage Procedure 66...5.8.1 Lubricati

Page 46 - 3.18.3 RBUS Information

TP-6804 12/1150 Section 3 RDC2 Controller Operation3.21 Event LogThe event log displays up to 1000 controller faults andnotices, starting with the mos

Page 47 - 3.18.4 Remote Devices Submenu

TP-6804 12/11 51Section 4 DC2 Controller OperationSection 4 DC2 Controller Operation4.1 DC2 Generator Set/ TransferSwitch ControllerModel RESAL genera

Page 48 - Module (PIM) Status Menu

TP-6804 12/1152 Section 4 DC2 Controller Operation4.2.1 Controller KeypadThe RUN, OFF, and AUTO buttons control the generatorset as described in Figur

Page 49

TP-6804 12/11 53Section 4 DC2 Controller Operation4.2.3 LCD DisplayThe controller is equipped with a two-line x 16 characterbacklit digital display wi

Page 50 - 3.21 Event Log

TP-6804 12/1154 Section 4 DC2 Controller Operation4.5 ExerciseThe DC2 controller can be set to automatically run thegenerator set at the same time and

Page 51 - 4.2 Controls and Indicators

TP-6804 12/11 55Section 4 DC2 Controller Operation4.7 Maintenance TimerThe maintenance timer keeps track of the time until thenext recommended mainten

Page 52 - 4.2.2 LED Indicators

TP-6804 12/1156 Section 4 DC2 Controller OperationNotes

Page 53 - 4.4 Battery Charging

TP-6804 12/11 57Section 5 Scheduled MaintenanceSection 5 Scheduled MaintenanceAccidental starting.Can cause severe injury or death.Disconnect the batt

Page 54 - 4.6 Event Log

TP-6804 12/1158 Section 5 Scheduled Maintenance5.1.1 Service Schedule, 14RESA/RESAL M odelsSystem Component or ProcedureSeeSectionProcedureFrequencyVi

Page 55 - 4.8 OnCue Password

TP-6804 12/11 59Section 5 Scheduled Maintenance5.1.2 Service Schedule, 20RESA/RESAL M odelsSystem Component or ProcedureSeeSectionProcedureFrequencyVi

Page 56

TP-6804 12/116Notes

Page 57 - 5.1 Scheduled Maintenance

TP-6804 12/1160 Section 5 Scheduled Maintenance5.2 Lubrication SystemSee the service schedules in Section 5.1 for oil changeand oil filter replacement

Page 58

TP-6804 12/11 61Section 5 Scheduled Maintenance3. Fill with oil.a. Fill the engine to the F mark on the dipstick. Theengine oil capacity is shown in F

Page 59

TP-6804 12/1162 Section 5 Scheduled Maintenance5.3 Spark P lugsReset the spark plug gap or replace the plugs with newplugs as necessary.1. Clean the a

Page 60 - 5.2 Lubrication System

TP-6804 12/11 63Section 5 Scheduled MaintenancePrecleaner ServiceUse the following procedure to wash and oil theprecleaner as indicated in the service

Page 61 - 5.2.6 Oil Cooler 20RESA/RESAL

TP-6804 12/1164 Section 5 Scheduled MaintenancePaper Element ServiceReplace the paper element at the intervals indicated inthe service schedule. See S

Page 62 - 5.4 Air Cleaner Service

TP-6804 12/11 65Section 5 Scheduled Maintenance5.7 BatterySulfuric acid in batteries.Can cause severe injury or death.Wear protective goggles andcloth

Page 63 - 3. Paper element

TP-6804 12/1166 Section 5 Scheduled Maintenance5.8 Storage ProcedurePerform the following storage procedure beforeremoving the generator set from serv

Page 64 - 5.6 Exhaust System

TP-6804 12/11 67Section 6 TroubleshootingSection 6 Troubleshooting6.1 IntroductionUse the troubleshooting charts in this section todiagnose and correc

Page 65 - 5.7 Battery

TP-6804 12/1168 Section 6 Troubleshooting6.5 TroubleshootingFigure 6-2 contains generator set troubleshooting, diagnostic, and repair information. Che

Page 66 - 5.8 Storage Procedure

TP-6804 12/11 Appendix 69Appendix A AbbreviationsThe following list contains abbreviations that may appear in this publication.A, amp ampereABDC after

Page 67 - Section 6 Troubleshooting

TP-6804 12/11 7Safety Precautions and InstructionsSafety Precautions and InstructionsIMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS.Electromechanical equipment,includi

Page 68 - 6.5 Troubleshooting

TP-6804 12/1170 Appendixkg/cm2kilograms per squarecentimeterkgm kilogram-meterkg/m3kilograms per cubic meterkHz kilohertzkJ kilojoulekm kilometerkOhm,

Page 70

E 2011 by Kohler Co. All rights reserved.TP-6804 12/11KOHLER CO. Kohler, Wisconsin 53044Phone 920-457-4441, Fax 920-459-1646For the nearest sales/serv

Page 71

TP-6804 12/118 Safety Precautions and InstructionsBattery gases. Explosion can causesevere injury or death. Battery gasescan cause an explosion. Do no

Page 72 - TP-6804 12/11

TP-6804 12/11 9Safety Precautions and InstructionsFuel SystemExplosive fuel vapors.Can cause severe injury or death.Use extreme care when handling,sto

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